Shadow Boxes

My wife thought recessed shelves in the wall in our downstairs hallway would look cool. She cut out paper squares and taped them to the wall until she found where she wanted them. From that I took measurements and created a frame out of #2 1×4’s. The openings are 12″x12″ so the final dimensions would be 11″x11″. The result was a frame that looked like this:

This frame took a couple of hours to make and was easy to build using a table saw.

Once the frame was completed, I cut a large hole in the wall and removed the studs. I framed an opening using 2×4’s. I know the header and sill are turned 90° from what they should be, but I had a momentary lapse of cognitive reasoning. Oh well, it’s not a load bearing wall and I doubt it will cause any problems in my lifetime. That’s the doorbell wire flapping in the breeze.

The next step was to install the frame in the opening. I then used construction adhesive to attach the drywall to the frame. No need to spackle a ton of screws or nails 😉

Then, I completed the drywall installation and started spackling. I chose not to use corner bead as I think the edges would have been too harsh. My wife and I are very pleased with the results.

Finally, a coat of paint. I should take another of the wall completed.