Master Suite Addition

Where is all begins

Front before

Rear before

Note the sunlight behind the recessed light

Interior shot – floors and openings covered

Monday April 9, 2007. Front – less than 2 hours after starting.


a room with a view

4:30PM, majority of the floor joists are done. Decking going down, but this is only temporary for the evening. Finished decking and exterior wall should be up tomorrow.

A view from inside the room showing the joists. Thats several microlams directly overhead. The rest are wood I-beams.

A view down the other end of the room. Some funky beamage because we are cantilevering 2′ out the side and back.

4 microlams as the main beam

A close-up of the cantilevering beamage. A microlam is attached to another microlam at 45 degrees. The angular beam intersects the wall at the corner. The builder tells me the regular hangers cost ~$8. The 45 degree one cost more like $38.

End of day 2. Floor joists complete, decking complete, additional support in 1st floor walls for the beams complete. Front and rear 2nd floor walls in place with 6 rafters

End of day 3! Shingles in place and weathertight!

Photos below taken during week 2

A shot looking through the old closet into the addition. A few years ago, I framed out a larger closet for my son’s room. This came in very handy because we can close the door to the closet and seal the cold air our.

A shot of where the front window will be. You can get a hint of the cathedral ceiling.

The back wall – this will mostly be inside a walk-in closet.

Construction day 9 (4/19). Framing for the closet mostly done. The platform put in place to frame the ceiling joists still in place. Now that the collar ties are in place, this will likely come down very soon.

A shot of the doorway to the closet. It’s on an angle to soften the lines of the room. This will will look pretty cool when drywalled because of the angles. The closet is 8′ by 10′.

A shot from where the platform into the old attic. Collar ties in place. Very cool, considering we had torrential rain day 4 and a noreaster that came in Sunday 4/15 and lasted through Monday.

Existing window moved over a bit to make room for the bathroom wall.

Drywall up and sanded

Closet painted

Bathroom partition wall all gone

Bath rough in inspected, electrical inspected, time to frame in the shower, tub, and partition wall.

Seat in the shower, waterproofed

Drywall and backerboard in place

viola’ tile is mostly complete

A before and after shot from the front

A before and after shot from the back

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