Living Room Project

Our Living Room had a patio door that was used twice a year, once to bring the Christmas Tree in and once to remove the Christmas Tree.  The patio door took a lot of wall space and we decided to remove it, close the opening, and build some sort of cabinet and a place for the TV.

The cabinet will go in place of the door and a new window will go to the left of the cabinet.

Here’s the construction sequence.

Starting Point

Preparation of the rough opening for the new window. Note the wire running through where the new window will go. Just a little more work on top of everything else …

Outside view of the soon to be removed door.

Not-so-cheap labor. It took 40 minutes to go from the last photo to here.

Framing for closing the opening. Triple 2×4’s are to support the two headers. The old header for the patio door and the new header for the new window.

Inside view of the sheathing.

Outside view of the former opening.

Inside with all the drywall up. The wire will be for a future outlet on the top of the cabinet for uplighting.

The base for the cabinet. You’ll see …

The framing for the cabinet.
I built 2 identical frames out of 2×3’s. The first one was attached to the wall. The second was attached to the base at the front. I then ran stringers between the 2 that also served as nailers for the drywall.

A side view of the framing that shows the identical frames.

Sigh. Always something. I had to figure out a way to make the air flow out of the cabinet.

Front view of the drywalled cabinet.

Side view of the drywall.

Corner beading in place.

Hmm, what’s this? This will be a 1/4 radius shelf. Actually, I’m going to make 2 shelves. A larger one near the top and a smaller one near the bottom.

One piece of the drywall for the shelf.

A sandwich!

I scored a piece of drywall every 1 1/2 inches and snapped it lightly at every score. This allowed the drywall to curve around the radius. A few coats of spackle and it will be smooth and curved.

A front shot of the cabinet with the curved shelf. The lower one will go in much later.

My wife’s beautiful tile work for the platform part. The mosaic’s are really nice.

D-day. The new window’s arrived. Time to install.

Inside view of the rough opening.

Outside view of the rough opening.

Tyvek installed (duh)

Opening revealed. I goofed a bit. I sheathed and Tyvek’d, but forgot to account for the corner bracing for the new window.

There we go, all nice now.

Window installed.

Flashing tape installed around the new window.

The window’s done and the siding is done too. It’s now 3PM and I started around 7:30. Not too bad.

Inside view with the drywall in place, but not finished.

Now we’re getting somewhere. The cabinet is done.  I’m waiting for oak doors for the bottom 2 openings.

Ahhh, ze crowning piece. Hardwood flooring. I can’t take credit for this work. We paid someone to install this.

A shot of the room from the cabinet side.

All done with the cabinet doors 🙂