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Hardly a professional photograph, but one that captures my spirit.  I am educated as an Electrical Engineer (BST and MEE) and  my career has been focused on the design, development, and testing of embedded firmware for a variety of industries, including process control and cable tv. I am currently employed by Motorola Mobility (formerly General Instrument), managing two groups; settop functional test and settop Software Quality Assurance for the HD/DVR products.

I am involved in understanding what practices and processes we can implement to improve the quality of our firmware and hardware, while maintaining the practical aspects of getting a quality product delivered to customers. I am big on Requirements Management, Configuration Management, and Software Quality Assurance. I have a fair amount of experience with the Capability Maturity Model – Integrated (CMMI) from the Software Engineering Institute (SEI). If you are interested, have a look at my resume (it’s a little outdated).

Here’s my Linkedin profile.


I’ve been working on some concepts for Digital Video Recording which have resulted in a couple of patent applications. I have additional applications in Seamless mobility.

Patents awarded

“Methods and apparatus for advanced recording options on a personal versatile recorder”. The basic concept is to add intelligence to DVR recording by using inband or out of band triggers to automatically extend recordings in case the recording was interrupted by some event (e.g. unexpected news interruption) 6,901,603

Applications in progress

Adding parental controls to recorded material. Application 20030046592.


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