Schuberth C3 neck roll hack

When I installed a Sena SMH-10 on my Schuberth C3 Pro, I broke the plastic pins that hold the neck roll in position. Schuberth agreed to send me new pins, but I wanted something more durable, ┬áHere’s a photo of a partially extracted broken pin.

C3 Pro broken neck roll pin

If you heat the neck roll with hair dryer, you can extract the pin with a pair of needle-nose pliers.

c3 neck roll


When I looked at the broken pin, it dawned on me that the diameter looked similar to that of a 6 penny finish nail. Using a micrometer, I confirmed it was within 1 or 2 thousandths. I happened to select a galvanized nail, which helps the nail grip the plastic.

I used linemans pliers to cut the nail and smoothed the edges.

6 penny finish nail as replacement pin

Here’s a photo of the repaired neck roll, it works like a champ.

completed repair