2013 F800GT

Coming soon! ┬áHere’s the delivery pix.


2013 F800GT

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  1. 20-April-13 – installed a Fuzeblock in anticipation of adding other electrical gear. I’ll post pix the next time I have the cover off. Installation was a snap using the factory GPS connector to supply the switched input (P/N 83 30 0 413 585, cost ~$22USD). The fuzeblock fits nicely in the area where the tire plug kit would fit. Since that kit is not standard, I’ll find another home for it. Total install time was 30 minutes.

    I plan to limit to total power consumption through the block to ~100 Watts. I always ride with driving lights on, so I’ll avoid having the gloves and grips on simultaneously.

    LED Motolights ~10 W
    Gerbing Jacket Liner ~77W
    Gerbing gloves ~22W
    Heated grips ~46W
    GPS/Cell ~1W

    I’m holding the fuzeblock in place with some industrial velcro.


  2. Sadly, this motorcycle was totaled on Match 16, 2016. I was stopped for a line of traffic and someone “didn’t see me” even though I was wearing a high-viz jacket and had a Vololight brake light. They ran into my bike, sending me over the handlebars and to the hospital. The bike was totaled.

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