1982 Suzuki GS550T

1982 suzuki gs550t



This was my first bike, a 1982 Suzuki GS550T, purchased in 1983. I recall the day it was delivered to my house; it was a cold and cloudy February day. I immediately threw on a jacket and gloves and took it for a ride. I froze my ass off. I had ridden motorcycles before, but had little real road experience, zero formal training, and nothing in the way of good riding gear.

5 months later, I took off on a 10 day trip to Colorado, covering some 4000+ miles. I will never forget the day we crossed Kansas. It was a very clear and very hot July day. My riding apparel included a helmet, gloves, a t-shirt (which I later removed), shorts, and sneakers. It’s a goo thing I never wrecked. I later sold the bike to a friend to fund the purchase of the R80ST.

It looks pretty similar to the 2016 Trumph!