1956 Matchless G11

Here is a photo of the bike taken on June 19, 2016

1956 Matchless G11

Want to go for a ride?  Check out this video.


This is my Matchless. I purchased it in 1986 for $700. I have spent that many times over in cosmetic and mechanical restoration. There is always more to do, but I don’t own a bank!

If you need a copy of the original G9/G11  manual, look here (it’s about a 50 MB download).

If you are seeking any documentation, I urge you to visit Christian’s archive.

I scanned my copy of the owners manual, you can find it here.

I scanned my copy of F. Neill Service and Overhaul Manual AJS and Matchless Twins

It is a fun bike to ride, and it handles pretty well considering the era it comes from. This is a particularly good picture … there is no oil spot on the ground … yet. (actually, if you look at my BMW, you will see the oil spot 🙂 I took the Matchless picture first)

The G11 was manufactured from 1956 until 1958. It is basically a G9 bored out with a higher compression ratio.

I tore the rear wheel down and had lots of problems getting it right again. I put together a page to show the sequence of assembling it.

22-February-05 – I just completed assembly of a ’57 Petrol Tank. The underlying tank I purchased NOS a few years ago. I purchased the panels from the UK and had them chromed locally. Here are some photos:

And here is a “completed” photo:


Bore 72 mm Stroke 72.8 mm
Displacement 593 Compression Ratio 7.5:1
Horsepower 33 Dry Weight 394