Well, let’s just say that I’m fond of motorcycles and leave it at that. I’ve owned 7 different bikes in my life. A 1982 Suzuki GS500T, a 1983 BMR R80ST, a 1956 Matchless G11, a 2000 BMW R1100R ABS, a 2004 BMW R1100S ABS, a 2013 BMW F800GT, and a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120. I currently own the Triumph and the Matchless. I like BMW’s but I also like plenty of other bikes.  The menu above will let you view a page on each of them.

States I have visited on two wheels

Woodruff’s Theorum of Horizontal Rain

Jack Reipe, a VERY funny writer and member of the Mac-Pac (more on that later in the page) once wrote a very funny story about a friend who he was riding with in Lancaster County, PA (farm country) and they came upon a farm truck that was filled with manure. As they approached the truch, Jack’s friend passed him and took the lead spot. About that time, the truck hit a bump and generated massive quantities of atomized manure ‘perfume’, which his friend squarely ran into. I about peed my pants reading this story, but that reminded me of a similar encounter I had experienced.

I used to work in Hatfield, PA. In case you were not aware, Hatfield Meat Packing, aka, Home of the Smilin’ Porker, is ironically located in Hatfield as well. While that might be an obvious conclusion, in today’s world, Hatfield Meat Packing may as well be in Siberia.

Anyway, this big truck carrying smilin’ porkers was in front of me one day (actually, this was pretty much a daily occurance). Never gave it much though until one day it was raining lightly and the sky was perfectly clear. That’s odd, as I though to my self, and then I realized why it was raining. From that moment on, I gave those truck ‘extra’ space.

Jack aptly named this Woodruff’s Theorum of Horizontal Rain. Stay away from Livestock truck whilst piloting a motorcycle.