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Please do not email me with requests for any sort of data. All of what I have is here. If what you seek is not here, please read my FAQ page.

I have a few ancestors buried at Faggs Manor Presbyterian Church.  As such, whatever I have found, I am sharing here.  Please understand that I have spent a lot of time converting this data to electronic format for you to peruse.  If you find something of value, please let me know   If you find a mistake, also let me know.  This data is not strictly limited to Faggs Manor. 

This search engine will search these pages for a string.  I suggest that you enter the desired surname.  The search engine will produce a page of links to pages that contain that surname.  Use you browser "find" function to find the specific entry on that page.  Please be patient after submitting a search.  Some of these files are rather large.   

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Specific Pages of Data

The following pages were developed by Robin Petersen as a result of her research.  She offered the pages to me when she decided to shut her site down.

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Chester County Historical Society and Archives

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