AJS/Matchless Heavyweight Rear Hub, speedometer side assembly sequence

Assembly of the Speedometer side of the rear hub of a '56 G-11. This was done with assistance of the Jampot Article from January 1998 titled "The Heavyweight Rear Hub" by C.G., edited by Chris Read as well as moral support from Mark Siebert and Pete "the cheap". Since I had difficulties in getting mine assembled correctly, I though I'd take the time to make a web page out of it for others to share.

This information is provided "as-is" and free of charge. The author assumes no liability for incorrect assembly. I believe this information is correct and complete to the best of my abilities. INCORRECT ASSEMBLY OF THESE PARTS CAN CAUSE THE REAR WHEEL TO LOCK-UP UNEXPECTEDLY, WHICH CAN CAUSE AN ACCIDENT - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. When in doubt, consult a professional mechanic.

Fig 1: All parts laid out in the proper sequence and proper orientation. Pay particular attention to the orientation of the seal cup (2nd part from the left). The "wide" side faces AWAY from the seal!

Matchless part numbers from left to right:

Fig 2: The threaded axle the the speedo drive attaches to as about to be inserted in the retaining ring

Fig 3: End view of Fig 2. The threaded axle now rests in the seat

Fig 4:The thin washer (4th from left in 1st photo) now in place

Fig 5: Rubber (or felt) seal now in place. You must work this to fit within the opening in the housing.

Fig 6: Cup in place (2nd part from left in photo #1). Again, note the orientation of the cup. This orientation is critical!! The "narrow" side faces the oil seal.

Fig 7: Side view of Fig 6 - showing cup MUST BE FLUSH with housing!

Fig 8: Added spacer (left-most item from photo #1)

Fig 9: Adjusting nut installed in hub and locking ring tightened. NOTE ... I USED LOCTITE RED ON THE LOCKING RING. I had lots of problems keeping this ring locked without it

Fig 10: Speedo drive installed

Fig 11: Speedo drive installed with washer

Fig 12: Speedo drive installed with washer and nut - note orientation of nut! The final tightening of the nut can be done with the wheel in place

Fig 13: Right side of rear wheel showing all installed components

Fig 14: Left side of rear wheel showing all installed components

Created September, 2002, last updated 25-August-2005 with part numbers and text clarifications

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