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Just what is 2zars??!!

Well, don’t be so pushy! Wouldn’t you like to know a little bit about me before you go asking prying questions? My name is Wayne Woodruff. This is my home on the web. Lots of useless stuff here. I’m a dweeb, weenie, geek, whatever. I eat sleep and breath computers. I have a digital weather station in my home, which is now connected to the web.  I so love technology that I connected a raspberry pi to a solid state lightning detector and gave it a twitter account.  It tweets whenever we have an active lightning storm.

I ride motorcycles and wear protective gear in a state where helmet laws are optional. People ask me if I still wear a helmet since the law in PA was repealed. I look at them and say “I ain’t good looking, I ain’t rich. My brain is about the only thing I got going for me and I want to protect it”.  Nuff said.  This opinion came in handy one day in March 2016.  I stopped for a line of traffic and was rear-ended by an inattentive driver, which sent me flying over the handlebars.  My helmet hit the rear of the car in front of me and had I not been wearing a helmet, I wouldn’t be here to write about it.

Since you asked so politely, I will now explain 2zars … I have two sons, Nicholas and Alexander. There were *not* named after the famous Russian Czars. Nicholas was named after his grandfather on his mother’s side. My wife and I asked Nick what he wanted his brother’s name to be and he choose Alexander. We liked that name and the rest is history. But the still does not explain the domain name.

One day, I wanted to get a vanity tag for my motorcycle. I’m thinking “What would be catchy and have meaning to me?” “2czars”! Perfect!

BZZZZZZT!!! Pennsylvania only allows 5 characters on motorcycle license plates. Not to be foiled by bureaucracy, I removed the ‘c’ (it really doesn’t matter, does it? I mean, it’s silent and everything, so we’ll pretend it doesen’t exist, OK?).

2ZARS. How sheik, it goes with the “WOOD-D” tag on my car. WOOD-D .. WOODY .. Woodruff, get it? Hey, you ARE pretty sharp!


So the a few years later, I was trying to think of a catchy domain name. I’ve been wanting to register one of these things for years. You know, to complete the geek theme. My family suggested “waynengineering.com”, which is a nice thought. Waynengineering is a term of endearment in my home. If something is broken, it needs to be “waynengineered”. If we need some remodeling done, we need some “waynengineering”. My wife even made me a shirt! 🙂 I checked and at the time, it was available. Someone did register that domain for a legitimate business. Then I was thinking “waynengineered.com” or “waynengineer.com”. Both were available at the time, but I do not like long domain names. When someone asks your email address, I’d hate to say “wayne at waynenginnering dot com” because I’d inevitably need to spell it out and I probably wouldn’t get it right! Some examples of Waynengineering are in the Waynengineering page.

So back to the domain name thing … Then one day, I’m standing behind my motorcycle, getting dressed to ride, a sudden inrush of Norepinephrine fires up the Neurotransmitters and inspires me. 2zars.com! Simple to convey, easy to spell. Done. God, I am such a geek. Good thing I have a VERY understanding wife 🙂